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Holly K. Dunn Pendleton is the only known survivor of the Railroad Serial Killer, Angel Maturino Resendiz. She was raped, beaten, stabbed and left for dead. After recovering physically, Holly began the lifelong process of healing emotionallly.

Though Holly’s life has been dramatically affected and changed by the attack, she prides herself on living as a survivor, not a victim. In 2008, she co-founded Holly’s House, a child and adult advocacy center for victims of intimate crimes and today tells her story to promote safety and awareness.

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Living Your Passion

Holly speaks about living out your passion, which she personally does every day… READ MORE.

Safety and Awareness

As the victim of a violent attack, Holly knows the importance of staying safe and being aware at all times… READ MORE.

Building a Team to Assist Victims

Holly discusses the impact of a positive police investigation and team of supporters… READ MORE.

Surviving a Serial Killer

Holly shares her personal story of survival and how it has motivated and inspired her to reach out to others… READ MORE.

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Additional Resources

Pandora's Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, support, and resources to survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their friends and family. We have been devoted to recovery and healing since 1999. CLICK HERE.

RAINN: The Online Hotline provides live, secure, anonymous crisis support for victims of sexual violence, their friends, and families over RAINN's website. The Online Hotline is free of charge and is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! CLICK HERE.

Survivor Manual: This is a place where survivors who have moved on to thriving can share what worked for them under all aspects of healing – so together we can inspire and empower survivors of any kind of trauma to heal and move on too. CLICK HERE.

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