Speaking Possibilities

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Living Your Passion

Holly speaks about living out your passion, which she personally does every day with her involvement in community outreach efforts and the co-founding of a local advocacy center “Holly’s House”.

Holly Dunn Pendleton has become a passionate survivor of a tragic, horrifying crime from which she narrowly escaped death. With this experience, she has chosen to dedicate her life fully, and with intense passion to personally reach out to sexual assault victims and educate communities on how to assist victims of sexual violence. Her extraordinary efforts to use her traumatic experience to help others heal from, or avoid, similar situations has drawn attention from several spectrums.

Holly explains how her passion to advocate for other victims of violence has allowed her and organizations that she is a part of, to reach so many people.

Safety and Awareness

As the victim of a violent attack, Holly knows the importance of staying safe and being aware at all times. Holly feels her personal story can help create awareness of potential dangers around us. She discusses trusting your instincts and other survival techniques and thoughts. Holly reminds us that with strong presence of mind and awareness of potentially harmful situations, some tragedies can be overcome and some may even be prevented. Understanding that every situation is different and each reaction will be unique, Holly explains that awareness of your potential dangers can promote a safer life.

Holly is trained in RAD (Rape Aggression Defense Course) and believes in The Gift of Fear : Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence, by Gavin DeBecker.

By understanding Holly’s story and her subsequent journey through the healing process, we may learn from her and how we can use practical tips in an attempt to avoid a similar situation.

Building a Team to Assist Victims

In addition to surviving a near death attack, mourning the loss of her boyfriend’s murder, and carrying the weight of sexual and physical assault, Holly experienced a long and windy road leading to the apprehension of her assailant. As she reflects on the trials and ultimate relief of his capture, Holly discusses the impact of a positive police investigation and team of supporters.

Holly will explain how investigators, FBI detectives, and a heroic Texas Ranger made the surrender of “The Railroad Killer” possible. Diligence, resourceful investigating, and a determined team of authorities deployed a manhunt and pieced together evidence to build an indefensible case against a cold blooded killer.

Surviving a Serial Killer

Holly shares her personal story of survival and how it has motivated and inspired her to reach out to others. Her understanding and compassion helps her relate to others who may be struggling with the horrific aftermath that accompanies sexual violence and assault.

The only known survivor of a serial killer, Holly refuses to let it negatively affect her life by using her tragic experience for the good of others. Her personal mission and intense passion to be an advocate for women who have been victims of similar violence has led her to a life of public service and outreach.

Holly lends insight into her personal healing process and explains how she was able to continue her education and use her experience to jump full steam into a life of advocacy and community involvement.